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A Ways From Home

Well, hello there!  Yes, I am still alive.  Life got the best of me and I wasn’t taking the time I should have to write. But my story continues.  Hmmm…now where was I?  Oh yes.  Ecuador… During the… Continue reading

Just As I Dreamed…

To think only four years ago, moving overseas was just a wild dream of ours.  I have always been a dreamer, believing in dreaming big because dreams really do come true. When Captain… Continue reading

A Garden in Bloom

I once heard that a friendship is like a garden, as it must be tended to for it to thrive. For as long as I can remember, friendship and socializing were important aspect… Continue reading

More $$$ More Problems

Captain and I had asked Lady Lingo to assist us with paperwork in Muisne.  On the drive, we made small talk and asked her many questions about living in Ecuador. Lingo informed us that… Continue reading

Shock Value

Shocked that our gear shifter broke off again?  I’m not.  C’mon, Mechanic Joe fixed it for $3!!! Was I surprised that Captain parked in the wrong parking spot? No, if he hadn’t we… Continue reading

Shifting Gears

Back to Ecuador we go…time to shift gears, slow down and get back on South American Time. Captain and I spent our time back in the States preparing for our transition from the… Continue reading


The idea of traveling overseas and buying property in a foreign country was only a dream 3 years ago.  Our new reality has not come without it challenges though.  As thankful as I am for… Continue reading

Rear View Mirror

Exhaustion was setting in.  We had accomplished purchasing property in Ecuador all in one day. The sisters said this was record time.  It typically took three days.  No wonder I felt like I… Continue reading

Last Leg

On your mark, set, GO!   Today was the last leg of the race.  Captain was hauling ass down the Pacific Coast Highway.  A part of me wanted to ask him to slow down… Continue reading

Call of the Wild

The next morning we consulted our lawyers, Pitt and Bull in Quito.  They advised us that unless the seller, Mr. Bear could produce the paperwork for a free and clear title, than we… Continue reading