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A Garden in Bloom

I once heard that a friendship is like a garden, as it must be tended to for it to thrive. For as long as I can remember, friendship and socializing were important aspect… Continue reading


The idea of traveling overseas and buying property in a foreign country was only a dream 3 years ago.  Our new reality has not come without it challenges though.  As thankful as I am for… Continue reading

Point of View

Captain and I have been on edge as we near the end of our Ecuadorian adventure.  Will we be leaving Ecuador owning a piece of paradise? With the anxieties of property hunting, being… Continue reading

The Beginning

Two years ago our dream of an adventure resort began. Captain and I have been planning, saving, and anticipating this day ever since. We became very frugal with our money; shopping mostly at… Continue reading

The End As I Know It

The series of fortune events surely began before the thought of me was ever conceived. It was not until my 20s that I realized I was the heroine in this epic tale… Life… Continue reading