Get In. Sit Down. Hold On.

Captain and I had some reserve about using public transportation for 2 months in Ecuador. Would people be peeing in the corners of the bus?  Would we be sharing seats with a woman… Continue reading

Plan B

Even with the greatest intentions, life doesn’t always happen as intended. Day 28 The day prior, Agent made plans for us to take a boat ride with the local tourism in Galera.  Supposedly it… Continue reading


A week ago, Venus passed through the Earth’s view of the sun.  This happens every 125 years.   The whole day had been cloudy and Captain thought for sure this would keep us from… Continue reading

Timing is Everything

With the full moon in the night sky, the tide is at its highest.  The sounds of the sea never miss a beat and rock me to sleep every night. But as the… Continue reading

Lost in a thought…

Reading, writing and meditating have been my top 3 priorities, all of which lead me down a path, lost in thought.  For 3 days, I have walked the beach, listening to the tide… Continue reading

On the Inside

Same.  Home. Peace. “Ahhh…” I let out a huge sigh of relief knowing Captain and I were heading ‘home’.  We walked the beach and watched as the sun settled in for the night. … Continue reading

Right Place, Right Time

This is the first time I am writing in days. I knew this week was going to be crazy but then we met our spacey agent and life in Ecuador got crazier! Yesterday… Continue reading

Everything for a Reason

Day 2 Our plan is to rent a car for a week so we are able to explore the coastline on our own time. Prior rental arrangements had been made so Captain and… Continue reading

The Beginning

Two years ago our dream of an adventure resort began. Captain and I have been planning, saving, and anticipating this day ever since. We became very frugal with our money; shopping mostly at… Continue reading

The End As I Know It

The series of fortune events surely began before the thought of me was ever conceived. It was not until my 20s that I realized I was the heroine in this epic tale… Life… Continue reading