The idea of traveling overseas and buying property in a foreign country was only a dream 3 years ago.  Our new reality has not come without it challenges though.  As thankful as I am for… Continue reading

Rear View Mirror

Exhaustion was setting in.  We had accomplished purchasing property in Ecuador all in one day. The sisters said this was record time.  It typically took three days.  No wonder I felt like I… Continue reading

Last Leg

On your mark, set, GO!   Today was the last leg of the race.  Captain was hauling ass down the Pacific Coast Highway.  A part of me wanted to ask him to slow down… Continue reading

Today is the Day!!!

Have you read International Living’s ‘Guide to Buying Property in Ecuador’? I read it more than a few times and recalled it saying the process can be done in 3 hours with the… Continue reading

Call of the Wild

The next morning we consulted our lawyers, Pitt and Bull in Quito.  They advised us that unless the seller, Mr. Bear could produce the paperwork for a free and clear title, than we… Continue reading

Sign Here, Please

Having tossed Agent overboard, our load feels much lighter.  Ahhhhhh…… Our initial goal on this visit to Ecuador was to be sure this was a country we could call home.  Right away we… Continue reading

Swimming with Sharks

Living along the Pacific Ocean has been magical.  The ebb and flow of the ocean’s tide soothe my soul. But a deep seeded fear of the sea lies within me.  Moments before wading… Continue reading

Point of View

Captain and I have been on edge as we near the end of our Ecuadorian adventure.  Will we be leaving Ecuador owning a piece of paradise? With the anxieties of property hunting, being… Continue reading

The World as a Mirror

To be clear about our adventure in Ecuador, I must clarify that Captain and I have spent our time where most foreigners do not venture.   The northern coastal area has a reputation of… Continue reading

When Nature Calls

Captain came running into the room and hopped into bed.  “Warm me up!” His teeth were chattering.  Typically I am the cold body but I was actually hot this evening.  I tucked Captain… Continue reading