High Expectations

When fellow travelers would talk about Baños, I had a vision of a little quaint town with a handful of tour companies and a few eateries. Baños is a town of almost 20,000… Continue reading

Rush Hour

We came to Ecuador with an agenda and as the days ticked by my anxiety grew as I worried: would we find a place to rent near our new property? Were we going… Continue reading

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Every day that goes by, Ecuador feels more and more like home. Captain and I had really been enjoying ourselves; exploring the culture deeper and strengthening the bonds with our friends.  I was doing my best to… Continue reading

Friends in High Places

We had been talking about having dinner with the Governor and First Lady Boatmaster for some time; a date was finally made.  When the day of our dinner had finally come, we had… Continue reading

City Living

Our first trip to Ecuador we spent our two months in Same, a quiet town that was once a local tourist destination.  We shopped at the small markets in Same and Tonchique.  Our… Continue reading

A Garden in Bloom

I once heard that a friendship is like a garden, as it must be tended to for it to thrive. For as long as I can remember, friendship and socializing were important aspect… Continue reading


Our reason for staying in a bigger city like Atacames was to be closer to the food markets and Ecuadorian culture… Right away, Captain and I were given the opportunity to meet “our… Continue reading

More $$$ More Problems

Captain and I had asked Lady Lingo to assist us with paperwork in Muisne.  On the drive, we made small talk and asked her many questions about living in Ecuador. Lingo informed us that… Continue reading

Shock Value

Shocked that our gear shifter broke off again?  I’m not.  C’mon, Mechanic Joe fixed it for $3!!! Was I surprised that Captain parked in the wrong parking spot? No, if he hadn’t we… Continue reading

Shifting Gears

Back to Ecuador we go…time to shift gears, slow down and get back on South American Time. Captain and I spent our time back in the States preparing for our transition from the… Continue reading