“My eyes open gently to the blinding light. Initially it was only a glimpse but the light has become too bright.”

The morning dove sang, “who, who, who are you?” Still at the end of the day, asking myself the same question, I can honestly say I am no closer to the answer.

To identify the many roles I play is simple: daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, lover, nurse, etc. Most would label me eccentric. My family just thinks I am weird. Many people call me crazy. A few call me Crazy Horse. But to say who I AM, is much more difficult.

I’m a believer. I love reminiscing. A dreamer I AM. These qualities can be of detriment-when fear takes over and causes you to cling to the past, ignore the present and fear the future.

Of my childhood memories, only a few are vivid. What I remember enjoying the most, I still love doing. As a child I was collecting ‘pretty’ stones, exploring the ‘creek’ where I insisted on planting wild flowers and playing with our numerous pets. I dreamed of a pet monkey and whispering wild horses.  On the first star I saw at night, I wished for everyone to be happy…

Imagine: a young girl under a wicked spell for 17 years. She was left in slumber, only to dream. She envisioned a utopian society living in harmony with Nature. Her dreams were so vivid, it was as if she were living her dream. On that fateful day, the girls’ heart unexpectedly skipped a beat. She awoke from her dream state with the promise to never sleep again. The young heroine vowed to live out her dreams and follow her bliss.

During my early 20s, my appendix nearly burst and was cut out of me (thank you lifestyle). It was becoming increasingly more difficult to breathe (thank you asthma). At the sharpest turning point, I had visions of my future that looked vastly different from the life I was living. My slumber been disturbed…

Life began to shift. Synchronicity, happenstances, coincidences, ironic occurrences were rampant…moments of Grace. The more in tune with Chance I became, the larger the shift of consciousness. Manifesting became a part of my vocabulary. Be careful what you wish was my motto as I watched my thoughts become things.

How do we experience time differently? The yogis believe a person is born with a certain amount of breaths. Imagine how different life is experienced through each and every breath. Awareness, my friend. A permanent State of Grace…that is bliss.

This heroine’s tale, like all others, will have its trials and tribulations. But in a state of bliss with an internal flame as her guide, she is on her way. Fear no longer grips her…

“My eyes open gently to the blinding light. Initially it was only a glimpse but the light has become too bright. I am awake…”

It is an honor to have you joining me on this journey…