Feel Good, Dream Big and Be Happy

It has been quite awhile since I last wrote.  For some time I asked myself why I couldn’t bring myself to writing but then I had this realization.  Writing about my experience made it real.  At the time, I wasn’t ready to accept my reality.

At first, I told myself it was the stress of construction and living in a foreign country.  Looking back, had I spent more time feeling my emotions, what transpired probably wouldn’t have came as such a surprise.

I no longer felt like I was where I was supposed to be.  This dream I was pursuing didn’t feel right anymore.  It was a beautiful dream and a perfect life for someone but that someone just wasn’t me anymore.

The moment I discovered I didn’t want to live that life, my thoughts went to everyone else.  What was everyone going to think?  Were people going to say, “I told you so”?  Would people call me a failure?

I’d finally had the courage to start writing for an audience and shared my dreams and aspirations.  And now my world was crashing down.

Regret set in as I felt vulnerable to the opinions of others.  Observing my inner struggle made me wonder.  How many people are doing, or not doing things in their life because of what other people think or say?  How many amazing people are standing in the shadows afraid to show the world their brilliance?

The judgments of others are not going to prevent me from living a life that is right for me.  Nor should you.  Your happiness matters.  I could have continued this beautiful life but without my heart in it, the life would have been empty.

If something in your life doesn’t make you feel good, you have every right to walk away.  It is your birthright to be happy.

For many weeks I cried.  I have now come to terms with my loss.  This would not have been possible without forgiveness, the forgiveness of others and my own.

When I accepted this was not a failure and just a beautiful part of my journey, I was able to move on.

My dream of building a wellness community remains but many elements have changed.  I’ve returned to the United States and set roots in Moorhead Minnesota where I am rallying troops. #TOA  My mission is to energize grassroots movements in the United States that engage Veterans in sustainable living practices that strengthen communities, the nation and in turn change the world.  You can read more in my upcoming book, Culturally Ill.

As for the Paradise by the Pacific, I trust someone else will love it more than I ever could.

If living in Ecuador would be paradise for you, visit Imagine Your Ecuador.  Here you will find the details of the writing contest where you can win the chance to start living your dream in Ecuador.

Happy Writing and Safe Travels.

Thank you all who have joined me on this journey.  This is only the beginning.  

Leaving the beautiful Esmeraldas Province

Leaving the beautiful Esmeraldas Province