The idea of traveling overseas and buying property in a foreign country was only a dream 3 years ago.  Our new reality has not come without it challenges though.  As thankful as I am for a successful trip to Ecuador, I am relived the trip has come to an end.  I’m exhausted and just need to sleep…my eyes grow heavy as I fall into a dream-state.

Each day I gratefully wake with an amazing view of the sunrise; I am equally grateful to see the sun set on the ocean in the evening.  Our paradise sits on the edge of the cliff ban overlooking the endless Pacific.  Not only do I hear the crashing of the waves in the distance, I can hear the falling water of the nearby waterfall as well.  The simple sounds of nature keep my mind and soul at ease.

Gardens cover our land, each with its own purpose.  The vegetable garden is flourishing with colorful veggies, leafy greens and herbs.  There are fruit trees of all kinds.  Everything is grown with love and each meal is eaten fresh out of the garden.  And of course there is fresh squeezed juice everyday too.  Some guests visit us just for the delicious dishes we prepare and serve with love!

The thousands of flower blooms welcoming  hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies; our sacred space is nature’s sanctuary, as it should be.  I lose myself in nature by following the trail that leads through the acres of old growth.  On this journey, I am greeted by monkeys and sloths hanging from the trees.  Whether I am hiking in the lively jungle or sitting in my magical gardens, I am at one with Mother Earth.

We are know for our hospitality.  The jungle cabins have incredible views of the ocean.  There are also epic garden and ocean views from every room in the Inn.  Our place is perfect for a  romantic weekend getaway or a week long of adventure!  With so much to do, there is never a dull moment…surfing, yoga, whale watching, horseback riding, jungle tours, white water rafting, hiking, bird watching and beach combing…or maybe it is a week long sitting in meditation…this place IS paradise!!!

I have discovered my life’s purpose and find peace in empowering others through health, wellness and happiness.  My love and light shines brightly and grows stronger every day…


A sudden bump of turbulence brings me out of my dream state.  Captain lay there, doubled over the tray table.  His steady breath was slow and deep.  What was he seeing in his dreams?  A puddle of drool  had collected so I snapped a picture…this photo will come in handy some day!

There is so much I see in my future.  Are my dreams desires of my ambitious ego or the fate of my soul?  Already I begin thinking about all the things on our To Do List: getting visas, practicing Spanish, buying a car, building a home…ahhhh!!!!!!!  I find myself holding my breath, worrying about all the challenges we are facing.  Bringing myself back to my breath, I notice how slow and steady Captain’s breath is as he lay asleep.  “Just breathe,” I tell myself.  “And keep dreaming big!”