Feel Good, Dream Big and Be Happy

It has been quite awhile since I last wrote.  For some time I asked myself why I couldn’t bring myself to writing but then I had this realization.  Writing about my experience made… Continue reading

A Ways From Home

Well, hello there!  Yes, I am still alive.  Life got the best of me and I wasn’t taking the time I should have to write. But my story continues.  Hmmm…now where was I?  Oh yes.  Ecuador… During the… Continue reading

A Long Road Ahead II

A classic symptom of culture shock is the excessive fear of being cheated and the constant thought of “everyone is ripping me off!” This was the most obvious of all my symptoms. I… Continue reading

A Long Road Ahead Part I

Culture shock. I’d used the term before. I thought I grasped the definition: visiting a foreign place, experiencing a different way of life and being overwhelmed with shock and awe of all the… Continue reading

Unexpected Guests

“Road. Power. Water.”  We hadn’t even got to our rental place on the coast and Captain was already talking about our To Do List.  Thinking about our to do’s was a bit overwhelming… Continue reading

Just As I Dreamed…

To think only four years ago, moving overseas was just a wild dream of ours.  I have always been a dreamer, believing in dreaming big because dreams really do come true. When Captain… Continue reading

¡Bienvenidos a Ecuador!

Here we were, exactly a year later, flying to Ecuador on a one way ticket. Throughout my travels the most frequent question I was asked was, “where are you going next?”  It felt… Continue reading

Changing of the Seasons

Moving overseas to a third world country…mastering a second language as a necessity…starting a business in foreign land…building a new life from the ground up…was I ready for all of this? How about… Continue reading


With less than a week left in Ecuador, it was time to make another move.  Tena was wonderfully laid-back but we wished to be closer to Quito, our departure city.  Mindo, an hour… Continue reading


Boom! Boom! Boom! “What? Huh? Who? Out where? I’m up! ” Captain shouted as he rolled out of bed, falling upside down onto the floor.  I’d been startled as well.  It wasn’t even 8 o’clock in the… Continue reading